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05/01/2014 19:16
Rolling Release Antergos, as its father, Arch Linux, is a rolling release distro. This means that you don’t have to worry about if there’s a new version to download, like in Ubuntu or Fedora. With a rolling release based distro, you will always have the latest updates. Just by making a regular...

KaOS; A lean KDE Distribution

17/12/2013 08:56
On my blog: a little review about my new OS.

KaOS; A lean KDE Distribution

17/12/2013 08:51
The idea behind KaOS is to create a tightly integrated rolling and transparent distribution for the modern desktop, build from scratch with a very specific focus. Focus on one DE (KDE), one toolkit (Qt), one architecture (x86_64) plus a focus on evaluating and selecting the most suitable tools and...

Firefox 26 arrives with Click to Play for Java

11/12/2013 09:00
Mozilla today officially launched Firefox 26 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Additions include Click to Play turned on by default for all Java plugins, more seamless updates on Windows, and a new Home design for Android. Firefox 26 has been released over on and all existing users...

It's all about choices

11/12/2013 08:48
added a new page: It's all about choices

Interchangeability / Flexibility of Linux Desktop Environments

11/12/2013 08:43
One great feature of Linux is that programs / applications that are made to run in any one of these desktop environments will normally work in the others. For example, GNOME Games can also run in KDE, Xfce, or LXDE while KDE Games can likewise run in GNOME, Xfce, and...

Desktop Environments for Linux

11/12/2013 08:39
In Linux, there are so many choices, and this includes the desktop environments and window managers. The most popular desktop environments in Linux are GNOME, Unity, Cinnamon, MATE, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE. All four offer sophisticated point-and-click graphical user interfaces (GUI) which are...

Manjaro open box configuration

10/12/2013 18:36
Manjaro open box configuration added on the video's page.

video review of manjaro open box

10/12/2013 18:35
video review of Manjaro open box added on the video's page
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