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I am a former Windows user with ten years of computer experience. The focus of this website is to educate and entertain Windows users who are seeking a safe, stable and secure alternative to their current operating system. I hope it will teach you how to tap into the power of Linux and enjoy an engaging experience on your computer. It does not matter if you are a novice or a seasoned Windows power user. I hope anyone can benefit from this site.



05/01/2014 19:21

KaOS; A lean KDE Distribution

17/12/2013 08:56
On my blog: linux-mania.webnode.be/news/kaos-a-lean-kde-distribution/ a little review about my...

It's all about choices

11/12/2013 08:48
added a new page: It's all about choices

Manjaro open box configuration

10/12/2013 18:36
Manjaro open box configuration added on the video's page.

video review of manjaro open box

10/12/2013 18:35
video review of Manjaro open box added on the video's page

Visitors notice

10/12/2013 18:10
This site is constructive from now, when I have time I will share as much information as possible...

Website launched

10/12/2013 16:49
My new website has been launched today. #Linux #free software